Aleta Drummond, M.D., Psychiatry

I am a medical doctor (M.D.), who specializes in disorders of the mind. Depression and mood problems, anxiety, psychosis, and cognitive function are my focus. I do a careful evaluation: I begin with where you are. What is your status with relationships, work, and your own satisfaction and happiness with your life? Are you depressed or anxious? Do you have compulsions? Is there a psychological pattern that can be identified that holds you back? Are you sleeping well? What is your diet like? Is there a metabolic or hormonal imbalance? Are you using too many intoxicants? Is psychotherapy, with emphasis on mind - body awareness appropriate? Are medications indicated to help treat your emotions or thoughts? Would acupuncture be helpful? Following the assessment the treatment begins.

The purpose of psychotherapy is to promote change that leads to well being. The therapist is your witness as you learn to observe your choices and reactions to life. I trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy, but am more eclectic having incorporated cognitive behavioral techniques and mindfulness training into my style of therapy. I teach relaxation techniques and find that homework assignments can keep the therapy moving.

Medications are sometimes necessary and very appropriate. If the distress you are feeling is overwhelming and interfering with your usual functioning, medications can be indispensable. Other considerations are body symptoms. Sleep disturbance, low energy, pain, heart palpitations and difficulty with the breath respond rather quickly to medications. Racing thoughts, obsessions, delusions and hallucinations are usually treated with medications.

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